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Update Your Grill with Wayne Lumber & Supply

At Wayne Lumber & Supply, we offer quality grills, smokers and lawn care in Waynesburg, PA. We have great options for grill masters to cooking novices and anyone in between. Our inventory includes fantastic options from top-rated brands like Weber Grills and Traeger Grills. From standard gas grills to pellet grills, we have them all. Sometimes home improvements start outdoors with a new grill!

Visit Wayne Lumber & Supply in Waynesburg, PA, or call us at (724) 627-3171. Offering grills of all sizes and styles, we know you will find the perfect one for your needs. We also provide grill accessories to make cooking a breeze. As the local Ace Hardware and home improvement center, you can trust that our staff is here to help.

Smokers for Delicious Dinners and Barbeques in Waynesburg, PA

Another great way to cook outdoors is with a smoker. Smokers are a great way to cook meats and vegetables for a delicious dinner. Wayne Lumber & Supply offers quality smokers from brands like Traeger Grills and others for our customers. No matter where you are in the Waynesburg, PA, area, count on our team to find the best smoker for you. Our staff has years of experience working with cooking appliances like grills and smokers and can provide you with advice.

Visit Wayne Lumber & Supply for Quality Lawn Care Products

Wayne Lumber & Supply provides lawn equipment and lawn care products to keep your grass looking great. We offer Ego Power Plus mowers, among other quality equipment, to keep your lawn neat. Stop by Wayne Lumber & Supply to see what we have in stock. Remember if you order from Ace Hardware, make us your pick-up location.

In order to fully enjoy your new grill, smoker or mower, make sure you enjoy your lawn! Wayne Lumber & Supply offers lawn care products to keep grass, shrubs, and other plants healthy. We carry products from Scott’s Lawn Care for the best results, including Lawn Food, mulch, potting mixes, and more. Visit Wayne Lumber & Supply in Waynesburg, PA, to get these necessary lawn care items.

Visit Wayne Lumber & Supply for grills, smokers and lawn care in Waynesburg, PA.